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David Bakken is a consultant, market research innovator and award-winning author who helps leading companies navigate the uncertainty surrounding critical business decisions.  Since 1991 he has applied prediction science to assist clients in a variety of industries as they make decisions around innovation, pricing, product and service design, customer experience management, and strategic market segmentation.  He presents frequently at industry conferences.


Prior to founding Foreseeable Futures Group, David held senior executive positions at leading market research firms, including Nielsen/Harris Interactive, where he was Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist.  


David specializes in framing decision problems and designing data strategies to confirm hypotheses about the underlying causal structure of markets.  He leverages his training in cognitive social psychology to provide deep insights into customer motivation and decision-making.


David earned his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Boston University and his B.A. from the University of Michigan.  David is a member of the American Marketing Association, and the American Psychological Association.



Our lean engagement model relies on a strong network of associates who specialize in strategic consulting, predictive modeling and qualitative interviewing.  For engagements that require gathering new data from consumers or business-to-business customers, we partner with a small number of global data collection specialists as well as in-country specialists to provide truly global access to insights.